How we developed our latest Shiseido activation in only 3 weeks

February 23, 2017 20:39

When Shiseido, one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, approached us to create on a new interactive activation, we were delighted to work with them once again. We were thrilled by their confidence in our ability to build, ship, and install the activation in Honolulu, Hawaii, nearly 5,000 miles away from our office in Miami. We’re always proud to establish relationships with our clients in which they trust in our ability to execute projects within the allotted timeline and budget, and this particular project had an unusually quick turnaround time. The activation was built and shipped in just 3 weeks—a process that usually requires at least 5 weeks to accomplish!

Our project process began with shop drawings, complete with detailed measurements and multiple views. We then contracted with local shops to begin production, including building, painting, and assembling. We also crafted certain aspects of the project in-house—in this case, folding nearly 100 origami butterflies. We also did a pre-installation assembly in our workshop area, where we added final details such as decals and other artwork. Finally, the project was dismantled and carefully crated for the long trip to Hawaii. Following an overnight installation in Honolulu, market implementation was completed with Shiseido’s products available for purchase.

Check out our photos below to see this unique project transform from shop drawings into an interactive beauty display!

3 Inspirational Trends for 2017

January 30, 2017 20:55

For the team at Bloommiami, 2017 brings a sense of new opportunities. We’re excited for the new year and the unique possibilities associated with the changing times. We’re launching a multitude of fresh initiatives in 2017, including partnering with clients in new markets, updating our web presence, and strengthening our brand to clarify who we are and what we offer. In honor of these upcoming changes, we’ve compiled a list of three areas that serve as inspiration moving into 2017.

1. Technological advancements: It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the abundance of articles circulating about the quick advancement of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality in 2017. We’re eager to learn more about these new technologies and implement them into our design work for our clients. It is always our goal to use design to reach customers in the most effective way possible.

2. Tactile Design: As 2017 showers us with continual advancements in technology, many consumers long for the olden days of tangible materials. We’re dedicated to capturing consumers’ attention through tactile, non-technological interruptions in everyday life. As experts in our field, we are able to discern when the opposing techniques of utilizing new technology versus tactile design are most appropriate and effective for our clients’ brands.

3. Branding: Not only are we ensuring our own brand is crystal clear in 2017, but we’re also passionate about respecting and creating a heightened awareness of our clients’ brands in every design we produce. Our team of design professionals are designing brands from the ground up, creating strong brand identities, toolkits, and supporting graphics.


October 10, 2016 20:21

We welcomed our friends and clients for cocktails in our new space. Thank you to Cafe Roval for the amazing cocktails and delicious food.


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