Little River Creative Collective

June 19, 2017 19:31

Little River Creative Collective kicked off with its first event on Thursday, June 15. Local businessmen and women, developers, and artists came out to celebrate the neighborhood’s continual transformation into one of Miami’s most unique creative hubs. Themed ‘Creative Rides,’ the event featured Rudy Marquez of Loco Cycles, Marlon Ammann of Holz Longboard Co. and Carlos Reyes of C-Shapes – three Little River based artisans who specialize in custom rides. Bloommiami designed a pop-up bar to feature mojitos and daiquiris sponsored by Bacardi.

“It’s inspiring to see the innovative work of Little River creatives, and we’re proud to bring awareness to local businesses while encouraging developers to understand the artists who give our neighborhood its edge,” said Darin Held, partner at Bloommiami. “It’s important that the business and creative communities work together to ensure the responsible growth of the area.”

Little River Creative Collective will serve as a platform for local innovators to promote their work and present ideas in order to facilitate growth through collaboration and commerce.

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Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors who made 'Creative Rides' possible: CreativeCreative | ACVDO&Co | Bacardi
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Putting on a Show

May 25, 2017 15:45

In honor of our inclusion in the May issue of Frontier Magazine, we're looking back at some of our favorite airport activations. As mentioned in the Frontier article, "Putting on a Show", some key ingredients to a successful activation are:

1. Disruption by delivering something completely unexpected
2. Engagement through interactivity (both human and environmental)
3. A brand story within the physical space, creating memorable and shareable experiences

Check out the examples below to see how we incorporate these three elements into every design.

Little River: The New Creative Force in Miami

April 27, 2017 15:45

Why does Miami often feel like the ignored stepchild of the bigger cosmopolitan cities in the U.S. and beyond? While South Beach tourists may understand the city on one level—that of glitzy hotels and clubs—what about the other side of Miami? Beyond the $20 drinks and over-the-top nightlife is an often-overlooked city with local artists, innovative entrepreneurs, small businesses, and burgeoning restaurateurs who are somewhat “off the grid” from the conventionally known Miami, yet these are the people that make the city what it is.

One such creative haven is the Little River Business District. Little River offers a new kind of urban environment for dining, shopping, and creating where there is a natural encouragement for spontaneous, yet valuable interactions. Just as Bloommiami was one of the pioneering firms to open shop over 10 years ago on 2nd Avenue in the Design District, we’re now excited to be a part of the creative transformation of our new location in Little River.

We’re passionate about celebrating the vibrant creative encounters that take place here. We recognize that Little River is not South Beach, and we proudly understand this area’s unique qualities and offerings. Our city, with sections like Little River, has the resources locally to develop projects on a level competitive with any major urban city. We are a creative force, from all different creative backgrounds and disciplines, made even stronger through collaboration.

Every Miami neighborhood has its own unique identity that must be communicated by locals who are passionate about its success. We believe in leveraging local knowledge, expertise, and resources. The threads that make up the fabric of this city must be sensitively translated so that the result is a visitor experience that is not only original, but exceptional. We want to export the culture and talent of our “other” Miami in a way that is emotional, relevant, and memorable.


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