May 31, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Santa Teresa Trolley Build

Global spirits company Bacardi recently began Ron Santa Teresa’s global market distribution. One of the best ways to reach new consumers is through product sampling, and Bloommiami was entrusted with the production of three Santa Teresa branded trolleys. Today, we’re going behind the scenes to show the production process—from start to finish. 


To begin, the trolleys’ custom metalwork frame and wheels are built and assembled. The framework must be solid and built exactly to the design’s specifications because everything from this point on will be affected by the base.

Wooden shelves are cut to snugly fit into the metal framework. 

The wooden shelves are stained to a rich mahogany. Then, the top serving surface is shaped and left hollow to prevent unnecessary weight.

The shelves are temporarily removed, and the metal framework is carefully painted in Santa Teresa gold. 

The top surface is fitted with a patterned white edge cut with a CNC router. 

Gold lettering is cut, branding artwork adhered, and all pieces are assembled for final inspection. 

Once the trolley is stocked with Santa Teresa Rum and staffed by an engaging brand ambassador, brand awareness is built and casual consumers are converted into loyal customers. 

Click here to see additional images of the completed trolleys.