August 30, 2017

Creating Curiosity Through Contrast

Bloommiami recently completed the design and installation of the Diageo store-within-a-store inside the Baja Duty Free Store at the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry. An effective store-within-a-store creates a cohesive environment within the footprint of a larger store. For the Diageo store-within-a-store, our team designed the space to prominently stand out from the rest of the Duty Free Store.


One way this was effectively accomplished was through lighting selections. We used warm and neutral lighting, which offers customers an inviting change from the harsh florescent lighting used throughout the rest of the store. Wooden floors were also selected to distinctly contrast with the white tile floors used across the main store. By designing a warmer, more attractive, and eye-catching space, consumers are drawn to the unique experience and of course, the Diageo brands.


One major benefit of a store-within-a-store design is the high-volume exposure of a larger store. Brands can take advantage of this opportunity through a skillfully designed store-within-a-store that contrasts with its surroundings to inspire curiosity in shoppers. Lighting, material selection and layout configuration (all selected to draw attention to a particular brand’s merchandise) are key factors in the success of a project. Attracted customers will further explore the featured brands, opening the door to new audiences and increased sales.


If you can’t make it to the U.S.—Mexico border any time soon, you can explore the Diageo store-within-a-store below.