November 21, 2017

"First Look" by Little River Creative Collective

Little River Creative Collective's latest event kicked off at 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 16. “First Look” highlighted three local filmmakers with premiere screenings of their latest works. Andy Ryan Flores of Never Sleep showed off spectacular Miami views through the eyes of Porsche enthusiast, Magnus Walker. Lulo Rivero set Miami as the ultimate stage for flamenco dancer Jesús Carmona in Ímpetu’s. Creative agency Stack House Media premiered “The Wave” music video by South Florida band, Pleaser. 


The Little River community came together to enjoy film screenings and fresh popcorn paired with Marzen and English Style IPAs by Bousa Brewing. Professional memory makers Capture Pod set up an interactive photo booth that resulted in some hilarious video clips. Earlier this year, we established Little River Creative Collective as a platform for local innovators to promote their work and present ideas in order to facilitate growth through collaboration and commerce. We’re proud “First Look” successfully provided three talented filmmakers the opportunity to forge connections within our community.


Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors who made "First Look" possible:

Bousa | Capture Pod | Upstairs MiamiCreative Creative | ACVDO & Co.

Photos by: Brian Hunting

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“We are all in this together and when you start to realize you're better with those around you supporting and encouraging you, you change in such a positive way. Bloommiami understands that when you pour into the creative community you all grow together.” –Andy Ryan Flores, Never Sleep

“I admire how LRCC and Bloommiami connect local artists in exciting ways, especially since Miami is a big city and at times it can be difficult to connect with new circles. I really appreciate the opportunity to show my art to a new crowd and to meet new colleagues and creative people who think alike.” –Lulo Rivero

“Bloommiami has taken this sort of interworking community and given it a sharp focus and a sort of night-long embodiment with their LRCC events.” –Brandon de Reuver, Stack House Media