March 27, 2018

Social Sharing with Shiseido

We’ve partnered once again with world famous cosmetics company, Shiseido. Our most recent activation was installed earlier this month in Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. 


The 76-square-foot activation immediately grabs travelers’ attention through its eye-catching oval shape and bold red color. After a personalized beauty consultation with trained brand ambassadors, passengers can capture the perfect selfie in front of the feminine, pink selfie wall. The incorporated Halo photo booth has an adjustable light ring that offers even, neutral lighting to brighten appearance and take stunning photos that are instantly ready for sharing. 


By incorporating the social sharing of a Shiseido branded experience, the life of the activation is extended beyond the initial contact at LAX. The promotional hashtag #FindYourStrength seamlessly develops into the much larger story and fosters community among all who post. Meanwhile, through the photo app, Shiseido is able to capture leads and gather real-time analytics. 


Creating memorable, custom experiences that are social media ready have become an integral component in today’s travel retail market. We’re proud to work with the latest technologies and are passionate about incorporating interactive and sharable experiences in our activations.