February 28, 2019

5 Unexpected Ways Bloommiami Can Strengthen Your Activation

As established leaders in the travel retail market, our team at Bloommiami is best known for innovative activation work. We’re recognized for activation management from start to finish including millwork drawings and renderings, fabrication, shipping, installation, and dismantling. However, our team can also elevate your brand’s vision in ways you may not have considered. Below are five unexpected ways Bloommiami can strengthen your brand’s activations: 


1. Design Development: 

A clear brief is all that’s needed for an initial meeting with our staff. We specialize in ideation and concept development, and we’re passionate about designing engaging experiences that bring your vision to life. Our team also includes brand strategists who can assist with brand evolution, marketing decks, and other supporting collateral. 


2. Technology: 

It is imperative to incorporate the latest technological advancements into your activations. Not only does pushing tech boundaries increase your brand’s relevance, but it also encourages social sharing. Our team can advise you on future forward technologies that will work best for your target audience, broaden your activation’s reach and expand its impact. We manage purchasing, setup, and connect your team to ROI statistics.


3. Photography & Videography: 

Documenting and sharing your activation’s success is crucial within our highly visual society. Photography and videography are undoubtedly the best ways to share your activation beyond the space it occupies. We work with highly-skilled professional photographers who ensure excellent lighting and accurate coloring, crisp imagery, and focus on capturing the shots that matter to you. Our team will arrange photoshoots, including airport escort coordination, and can even manage video editing for your internal presentations or social sharing needs.


4. Media & Press:

We believe that your brand’s unique activation should be publicized. While airport activation impressions can easily reach thousands, why not increase your investment’s reach to millions through media outlets and social media sharing? Our team will work alongside your internal marketing team to develop and distribute press releases that highlight your activation. Through our exhaustive list of industry media connections, we’re able to increase brand awareness and highlight your activation’s goals to a larger and more diverse audience. 


5. Optimization Recommendations: 

With nearly 20 years of experience, we are experts in maximizing visual impact within a given budget. We are trained to recognize the most cost-effective solutions, which allow for the implementation of more unique and memorable details. We work tirelessly to optimize costs for our clients while enhancing experiences for consumers. Tap into our team’s expertise in areas such as electrical usage, storage needs, and effective engagement tools.


Our team is always growing and we are constantly expanding our capabilities. From ideation to promotion, we’re here to support your strategic marketing efforts in every way that we can.