October 30, 2018

Bloommiami Welcomes Jessica Muelle

Bloommiami warmly welcomes Jessica Muelle to our team as our new Traffic Manager. She coordinates installation and dismantling, tracks project development, and updates clients along every step of the design and construction process. Bloommiami’s eye-catching work and top notch client base drew Jessica to this position. Her organized, detail-oriented mindset and upbeat attitude make her a perfect fit. Being trilingual (Spanish, French, and English) helps her effectively communicate to our clients and ensures nothing gets lost in translation. 


Jessica is originally from Miami, but took some time away from the Sunshine State to live in France and Hawaii. In 2008, she moved back to South Florida to study Communications at Florida International University. During that time, she worked at 3A Worldwide, a PR and advertising agency. After several years, she then pursued other opportunities with agencies around South Florida, including LGD and Starmark. With nearly 10 years of experience as an Account Manager, Jessica has worked in Panama and the Caribbean islands on many well-established accounts. 


Getting to know Jessica: 

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been?  Prague is my favorite place I’ve been. It’s like a fairytale; the architecture is so beautiful.


Hobbies?  Running and cooking. I love to cook Peruvian and Colombian food, and I’m pescatarian so I enjoy finding substitutes for recipes. My favorite dishes to make are ceviche, and camarones saltado. 


Most unusual thing you’ve eaten?  Cricket Head at a Japanese restaurant here in Miami…I would not recommend it.


Favorite sports team?  I love MMA and always watch Fight Night. Right now my favorite fighter is Daniel Cormier.


Any hidden talents?  I sang professionally for 8 years and even auditioned for American Idol at one point.