January 25, 2018

Overcoming Difficulty

Working in an industry that requires precision in so many different areas—from design and construction to transportation and installation—means we are always prepared for hiccups along the way. We emphasize being prepared for anything and everything, and our team is always ready to come together to complete a difficult job.

When beauty giant Coty approached us in October to develop an activation for Tiffany & Co. at JFK with merely six weeks until opening, we welcomed the challenge. The opportunity to bring the iconic Tiffany blue box to life—to transport the glamour and luxury of Tiffany’s to JFK—was an aspiration of the Bloommiami staff. Ultimately the activation was eye-catching and beautiful, but the road to its opening was riddled with difficulties.

Upon receiving the job from Coty, we quickly got to work on sites surveys, design alterations, and color-matching. We worked closely with local vendors and shops to begin production and material purchasing. One Friday evening, after weeks of expedited production, we loaded the finished activation into an 18-wheeler destined for the long trip from Miami to New York. Bloommiami VP, Darin Held, flew up north to receive the delivery, but the truck didn’t arrive as scheduled on Sunday morning. Upon investigation, we discovered the truck had been involved in an accident over the weekend, and a significant portion of our hard work was now damaged beyond use.

Our logistics team quickly located the damaged goods in Georgia, and coordinated a revised delivery time through a different truck. Upon its arrival to JFK, Darin surveyed the damage and we immediately began reproducing and refurbishing the affected units, both locally and also back in Miami. Our project manager secured replacement installers and we began installing the functional parts on the same day as delivery. Meanwhile, our team in Miami worked swiftly to replace all damaged materials and artwork.

Thanks to the quick work of the entire Bloommiami team, the Tiffany & Co. storefront opened to the public on November 19, just in time for the holiday traveling season. Temporary elements were replaced shortly after opening, and the store was so well received that the contract was extended by two additional months. No matter the number of challenges that arise, when we work together as a team, we’re able to successfully conquer any project.

View more shots of the finished activation here.