April 27, 2018

The Dom Perignon Experience

Cruise passengers travel in the relaxed spirit of celebration. Many cruisers are celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, or the annual family vacation. The cruise industry served nearly 26 million passengers in 2017, and Moët & Chandon wanted to offer passengers the opportunity to experience Dom Perignon in a memorable and shareable way. After researching the influence of spirit tasting events on board and the impact of personalized fixtures, champagne “trunks” were proposed for delivery to discerning cruise passengers.


Bloommiami worked to ensure each trunk included a variety of unique elements to create a luxurious Dom Perignon experience that could be delivered to passengers’ suites. Perfectly selected food pairings are delivered with glazed stoneware and plated flatware. Crystal champagne glasses accompany the bottle of Dom Perignon. A carefully curated playlist rises from the Bang & Olufsen sound system. Exquisite touches such as these elevate the experience and immerse travelers into the Dom Perignon lifestyle. 


Each trunk was designed specifically for the featured champagne, either Dom Perignon or P2, and align with each champagne’s established branding. The design of each trunk underwent multiple revisions due to the size and shape of the included elements. Every element fits precisely into the trunk’s limited space, and creates an interactive experience that is exciting to encounter. Drawers are designed with soft-close hinges, the edges include carefully mitered corners, and the trunks are finished with silkscreened logos and a brass shield.


Below are some process images along with the final product. Visit our project page for even more images and information about this luxurious experiential delivery system.