Grey Goose Winter Marché

New York, NY

Grey Goose Vodka partnered with Bloommiami to offer travelers an immersive shopping and cocktail experience during the holiday season. The striking activation brought a French market to JFK’s terminal 4 from December to January. A 12-foot illuminated Ferris wheel attracted passing travelers into the activation. The mechanized structure contained over 2,000 feet of concealed electrical wire and more than 700 lightbulbs. Guests were invited to pull the lever, select one of the sixteen mini “chalets”, and open its door to reveal a delicious cocktail recipe inside. Upon purchase of a holiday Grey Goose tin, guests were given a key to open a hidden interior compartment of the chalet, which revealed a special gift. In front was placed a photo booth to capture the perfect shot for social media amplification.

Three large-scale market stalls contained stations for guests to personalize their gift tins using magnetic lettering and a wifi printer. Across the pop-up was a festive bar offering Le Fizz cocktail samples to travelers as they explored. The dreamlike activation brought a warm, celebratory contrast to the cool, modern airport. With 5 million passengers traveling through JFK in December, this activation offered the ideal opportunity for Grey Goose to connect with target consumers.